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Portsmouth is my photographic passion

The New Hampshire Seacoast city of Portsmouth ignited my passion for photography and makes up one of my largest bodies of work.

Having built and grown a company in this city for over 25 years, Portsmouth has literally shaped me personally and professionally.

For me, Portsmouth is a wonderful anomaly in New Hampshire . It offers a microcosm of a big-city culture – without the congestion or haughtiness. Shaped by a blue collar working class, Portsmouth has fortunately avoided a wholesale gentrification as the city's look and feel transforms.

It's a walkable community with tremendous architectural diversity. I'm hypnotized by its history, dating back to 1603 when Martin Pring first sailed up the Piscataqua, a river that frames Portsmouth 's photographic appeal. It's amazing how new images appear every day, around corners I've seen a thousand times, urging exploration.

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